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Sharon Stone Defends James Franco Amidst His Sexual Misconduct Allegations

An article was published earlier this year in the Los Angeles Times about 5 different women accusing James Franco of sexual harassment.

One instance of his sexual harassment was while filmingThe Long Home. Franco was accused of removing safety guards during an oral sex scene. Two others stated that Franco would become angry if they refused to go topless for a scene.

Now more has come out about the allegations, and celebrity Sharon Stone has spoken up about her experiences with him, but in defense of the accusations.

While Franco denied these allegations on Stephen Colbert’s show, he supports the women for speaking their voices about how they feel, since this sort of thing has been repressed for so long.

After working with him on The Disaster Artist, Sharon Stone was “appalled” by what is happening with him.

On an episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Stone said,

“I don’t feel like these trials without due process are entirely appropriate. I feel that it’s appropriate that people have to take responsibility for the actions, but I do feel that some due process is in order. There’s a range of activities. And you can’t charge somebody with a felony over a misdemeanor. There has to be a balance here where this has to be heard in a rational format. So this isn’t just black and white. And it can’t be that every man who doesn’t know what the f— he’s doing in life is a criminal. ‘Cause a lot of men are just stupid.”

Well put, Mrs. Stone.

[via People]

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