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Why Short-Lived Relationships Matter Too

In our modern day and age, we are often all extremely goal-oriented. And that’s understandable. It’s a tough world out there. We need to prepare. In doing so, when people have kids they make sure to teach them French or Japanese or farsi so they can get a ‘leg up’. They plan for college while still in high school, and for their careers while still in college. It always seems as if we are living in the future, yearning for it, preparing for it, planning for it, and terrified of it.

Yes. Life is scary. And there is a finite amount of time that we have here on this planet. This is true. So seize the day! Make it count! Right? That is what everyone says, and for good reason. Yes, I do agree, but I must say that I disagree with the ways we often go about seizing the day. People assume that living life to the fullest is all about perfection. In fact, it often is about appreciating the chaos and inexplicability of life: the weirdness. With that in mind, lets talk relationships: Everyone is so busy looking for “the one” that they don’t appreciate all the little ones they get to have along the way. Yes, short-lived relationships matter too, and they also enrich your life and you yourself.

Here’s why:

It’s Practice 

This may sound a bit coarse, but short relationships are great practice for examining human psychology. You get to understand how people work, like the inside of a watch.You wouldn’t want to meet “the one” until you were your best self would you? With the myriad short relationships you will likely have, you get the opportunity to try new things out, invent and reinvent yourself, and make loads of mistakes along the way too. Remember, making mistakes is the best way to learn, and therefore should be held in high esteem!

People are Unique 

Not such a brilliant idea, nor a unique one, but human beings are unique, and interesting creatures. Each individual is different. No two are the same. Having short relationships with people gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of someone else, and it can be pretty fun. With each person you meet and give your time and ear to, I guarantee that you will learn something you didn’t know, have an experience you wouldn’t have had, and be exposed to a load of things that you would never have otherwise seen. That makes you a more well-rounded person. And you have that short time you shared with this person to thank for that.

Let’s be Real 

Sometimes we just aren’t ready to meet “the one.” Maybe we feel like we still want to be a bit wild, a bit frisky, or just a little crazy. An implicit caveat of short term relationships is that they are loose, and less serious. You don’t have to held to the same level of responsibility or attentiveness. That’s a lot less stressful. And maybe you aren’t in a place in life right now where you can take on lot of extra stress.

Learn About Yourself 

Another great value of engaging in many short term relationships is that you learn a lot about yourself. You learn what you can’t handle in a person, what you like and dislike, and what pulls at your heartstrings. You also learn what you want by having so very many people not able to give you what you want. By learning what exactly it is that you want and do not want, you will more easily be able to identify “the one” when you see him or her.

You Can Travel 

If you hold travel very highly, and want to be a bit nomadic, at least for a while, a heavy-duty long-term relationship probably is going to be a bit of an obstacle. Or at the very least, a nuisance. But if you enter into a relationship that you know won’t last forever, and you two won’t be getting gravestones next to each other, then you don’t have to worry about detaching when you want to move around and see some sights.

You Probs Don’t Have To Meet the Parents 

Meeting your significant other’s parents is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever had to endure. Can you relate? Well, the good news is that when you are dating someone casually, more short-term, chances are you won’t be meeting mom and dad. Chances are you might meet their drinking buddies or their roomate but that’s about it.

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