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Singapore Airline’s New Cabins Are Making Flying More Comfortable Than Ever Before

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On Thursday, Singapore Airlines (SIA) revealed its new cabins which pretty much look like hotel rooms. The new cabins are for the airline’s Airbus A380 fleet, which is the jumbo jet fleet’s first interior remodeling since 2007.

The amazing interior redesign is a result of four years of development and $850 million in expenses.

Of course the first class suites are the best ones, and for a good reason. The first class sections features six suites, instead of the original 12, which SIA says it provides a sense of “exclusivity and intimate privacy.”

Each of the suites come with an automated swivel chair, 32″ HD TV, a wardrobe, and a full-flat bed that’s 6’3″ long and 2’2″ ft wide. And if you’re traveling in a pair, then you have the option for two suites to be joined.

via Mashable

Another perk that comes with first class is that each suite comes with its own personal lavatory, so no having to awkwardly stand and wait to use the bathroom. The only thing missing from these first class suites is a shower, which its competitor Etihad’s new first-class offers.

But the two lavatories provided for the rest of the passengers are still pretty nice, and they even feature a sit down vanity counter.

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Seats in the business class are also pretty nice, and the seats extend into a 6’5″ long bed which come with an adjustable divider.

First class and Business are reserved for the upper deck, while premium economy and economy are in the lower deck. But even Premium Economy is pretty nice. Your seat will recline, just not into a full size bed, but you can rest up your feet on a calf-rest and foot bar.

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For those in Economy, theres free alcohol at least.

SIA also says that passengers will have more control of inflight entertainment, and will even be able to bookmark shows they are watching.

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SIA CEO Goh Choon Phong told Mashable at the launch event, “If you look at our suites, it’s not just visually [attractive], but you find the usability aspect is even more important, and that is the part that takes a lot more thinking and work.”

The first passengers to experience the new cabins will be those travelling from Singapore to Sydney from Dec 18. Regarding pricing, Got says that “Pricing is a matter of demand and supply, it will [depend on] what the market demand is.” Gotta say, I can’t expect the first class tickets to be cheap.

The newly developed A380’s will have a total of 471 seats: six first class suites, 78 business class seats, 44 premium economy and 343 economy class seats.

[via Mashable]

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