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Singapore Airlines’ Newest Safety Video Makes Air Travel Safety Look More Relaxing Than Vacations

If you have ever paid attention to those safety videos/ announcements before your flight, you know they can be dull and boring. Well, Singapore Airlines has revamped their safety video and it makes flying look better than anything we have seen before.

The new video, which will start showing in flights at the end of the year, showcases plenty of iconic landmarks in the photogenic city, as a voice-over narrates the usual safety guidelines.

It does take a bit of a suspended imagination to see how they’ve appropriated landmarks around Singapore for the safety demonstration, though.

For example, they used park benches at the Henderson Waves to demonstrate how to brace for impact, and movie seats at the Capitol Theatre, to explain putting away your USB charging cable when taking off.

The combination of relaxing music, calm tones, and beautiful scenery makes the idea of not being safe on a plane irrelevant. Not only do you feel safe watching, you are convinced his is the nicest place in the world. The woman flight attendant ain’t too hard on the eyes either.

Still, you can’t deny that it’s one of the most beautiful safety videos around. Guess you can expect lots more tourists at these spots after the video becomes permanent in all Singapore Airlines.

Here is the video:

[via Mashable]
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