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Skip the Grand Budapest – Stay In This Wes Anderson-Themed Air BnB

via My Modern Met

An Airbnb in Ontario, Canada is offering guests the unique opportunity to spend the night in a Wes Anderson-themed wonderland.

Each room in the house is inspired by one of Wes Anderson’s films. There’s a Moonrise Kingdom bedroom, a Royal Tenenbaums-themed bedroom, and a living room styled after The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

Room rentals start at $159 a night.

Wes Anderson is famous for his attention to visual detail, and his films are known for their twee, stylized aesthetics. Think typewriters, globes, pipes, bespoke eyewear, leather-bound journals, children’s books, and fur coats.

It’s an inviting aesthetic, a peek into an imagined reality, and it’s no wonder that many Wes Anderson fans have sought to replicate his film’s aesthetics into their everyday life.

But the whole appeal of the Wes Anderson aesthetic is that it’s unattainable; too perfect, too precious, too symmetrical. Too clean, too vintage, and, in reality, too expensive.

So this Airbnb experience makes a certain type of sense: letting fans live the fantasy. Inhabiting the fantastic world of Wes Anderson, even for just a weekend.

[Via Mashable]

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