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Slick Chicks Conquers World’s Biggest Problem: Taking Off Underwear Without Removing Clothes

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There have been some truly bizarre and frankly, useless underwear inventions as of late, with the crown going to underwear that absorbs your farts (I mean, really?). However, in the midst of these zany creations, there is now a new line of underwear that actually solves a very real and infuriating problem.

From designer Helya Mohammadian comes Slick Chicks, a revolutionary concept that all but eliminates a lady’s difficulties when it comes to putting on her undergarment. With the innovative hook an eye method of fastening which is found on the sides of the underwear, you can take them off even while sitting (which should have you sold already.)

Not only do Slick Chicks make getting dressed in the morning that much easier (especially pre-coffee), but they also provide a solution to a long-standing issue that women have faced since forever. Changing under a towel. Gone will be the fear that your towel will slip as you lean down and hoist your leg to step into your underwear (though I’m sure many men will not be pleased about this.)

In fact, Slicks Chicks could potentially abolish the need for a changing room altogether- if all you want to do is change your underpants.

“It’s a convenient way of wearing underwear without having to bend over and take off all your clothing,” Mohammadian told Mashable in an interview about her product. She also mentioned that the genius hit after she’d wanted to change after a workout, but didn’t want to wade into an overcrowded locker room.

“Whether it’s an expectant mother, someone with a physical handicap or someone who needs assistance changing, the easy clasps make it easy for anyone to change themselves,” She continued.

“You can be active, you can be pregnant or in a wheelchair, but know that with this underwear you can really be able to do it yourself.”

With a very reasonable pricetag of $26 to $28 (when you consider the grief it’s going to save you), Slick Chicks are definitely worth having for those situations where you feel you need a quick change (not a bad thing to have in your handbag!)

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