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Small Things That Turn Women On When They’re Attracted to You

It can be pretty damn impossible to turn a woman on if she’s not physically attracted to you. Of course, if she’s already crushing on you, you don’t have to do all that much to get her hot and heavy. Here are a few super small things that can turn us on when we’re already attracted to you:

Lifting Up His Sweatshirt

Whenever a man lifts his sweatshirt over his head, it always ends up catching on the layer underneath. You know what that means? That a little bit of the skin on his stomach is going to show. If we’re lucky, we’ll get a glimpse of his treasure trail.

Grazing His Arm

When we like someone, the smallest touch can get us going. It doesn’t matter if our arms graze on the bus or if he shakes our hand to introduce himself. Either way, it’s going to get us thinking about what the rest of his body feels like.

New Instagram Photos

He could post the ugliest picture we’ve ever seen, and it won’t matter. If we’re crushing on him, then we’re going to find the one sexy quality that actually appears in the photo and drool over it.

Lip Biting

When a man looks us in the eyes while biting down on his lower lip, it’s hard not to swoon. Of course, it’s just as sexy when he does it while staring out in the distance, lost in thought. If we’re lucky, those thoughts will be of us.

Text Messages

It doesn’t matter if all he texted us was a quick, meaningless “heyyy.” Knowing that he actually thought of us when we weren’t around is a huge turn-on. It means that he must care about us. At least a little.

Playing With His Hair

Girls aren’t the only ones who look pretty when they play with their hair. When a guy runs his fingers over his head, it’ll get us going. He’ll get bonus points if he picks at it while making direct eye contact with us.


What’s better than a baby’s laughter? A hot man’s laughter. After all, you get to hear something sweet while getting a glimpse of his winning smile. There’s no bigger turn on.

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