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Smart Snowboard Lets You DJ On The Slopes

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Signal Snowboards, the Huntington, CA company known for it’s cool and unusual snowboard designs has created the world’s first smart snowboard for its Every Third Thursday video series. The musically inclined open source programmable musical snowboard changes music and adds effects to a track based on the board’s orientation.

Signal Snowboards wanted to try something totally new.

They weren’t interested in making a simple snowboard with beaming headlights because, frankly, they’d been there and done that.

So they teamed up with musician and programmer, Matt Davis to build a suped -up snowboard with GPS, rechargeable battery, an accelerometer, and bluetooth for the accompanying smartphone app.

One of Davis’ first projects was an attempt at turning an iPhone into a wireless MIDI controller in the hopes of mapping the sounds with motion in any way imaginable. As a result of that experiment, Davis and Signal Snowboards were able to embed all of their technology into their own specially designed custom boards.

You can hear the changing sound effects and tracks as the custom board slides down the slopes, pulls off some tricks and grinds on the rails.

Check out the Signal Snowboards smart board in action in the video below.

[via Gizmodo]

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