Smash Mouth has Embraced their Status as a Meme

The internet is a strange place that will laugh at anything, specifically DreamWorks animated films. Though the infamous (an now on Netflix, which I like to credit that to the power of memes) Bee Movie recently had it’s time in the meme spotlight, the movie of the internet’s hearts will forever be Shrek, and, in turn, anything associated with the film.

So, if the internet had to pick one band to represent them as a whole, it would be Smash Mouth, who provided two songs for the film’s score, unwillingly becoming the laughingstock of the internet.

But, how does Smash Mouth actually feel about their internet status as one of the most notorious memes? In an interview with Inverse, Smash Mouth says that they’re actually ok with it. “We have never taken ourselves that seriously,” bassist Paul Delisle said. “We like the attention, so even though it’s a bit of a goof, it usually centers around our song ‘All Star’ and it still sells weekly like mad. So we take the bad with the good and fully embrace the meme aspect.”

Wow, the internet doing some good? That’s a new one!

[Via The Verge]



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