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Snapchat Is Adding an Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt to Snap Maps

Easter is nearly upon us, and Snapchat is getting in the spirit. The company has just added an augmented reality easter egg hunt to Snap Maps, so log on, strap on your hunting cap, and get digging (or whatever headwear people use to look for easter eggs). Oh, by the way, it is a Pokémon Go-themed AR hunt, so these ain’t just no regular eggs; probably little Squirrtle and Charzard babies n’ such.

The fun starts on Friday, at which time you can go hunting for these eggs via Snap Maps and even compete with your buddies to see who can “catch’em all” for points. In fitting with AR tradition of course, users will have to physically travel around to collect the hidden eggs. So, yay for exercise!

See which one of your friend group can find the most eggs, and gain mad cred, brah (maybe). The game will be live through Easter Weekend in the United States and Canada.

[via Mashable]

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