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Snapchat Examines Connected Apps to Provide Security for Users

Facebookers are uninstalling apps they gave information to years ago, and Snapchat provided its users a way to keep and control apps for the same issues.

The latest Snapchat beta version includes a new tab called “Connected Apps” under the Settings page. The page doesn’t show anything except text that reads, “These apps are connected to your Snapchat account. Choose an app to control what it has access to.”

Thanks to the context, this section could very well soon show what third-party apps users have linked to their Snapchat account. Snap currently allows this with Bitmoji, an app made for creating cartoon versions of yourself which Snapchat purchased in 2016. Users can choose to sign-up for Bitmoji via Snapchat or simply connect their accounts. Shazam also has a deal with Snapchat, but this one doesn’t require Snappers to have Shazam accounts.

Here’s what the page looks like:

The update could help Snapchat become its own app community, not unlike Facebook, Google, and Twitter. All three of those companies allow for log-in on other third-party networks.

The move took place at a peculiar time. Facebook is currently struggling with data privacy scandal. Facebook’s motion to be friendly to app developers partially led to at least 50 million user profile data being shared without all of the users’ direct consent. The scandal led some to delete their Facebook accounts.

However, Snapchat is apparently seeing power in a connected community. So far, Snapchat’s only other app is Bitmoji and then it has the partnership with Shazam. It also sells its video-camera sunglasses Spectacles, but all of those videos are uploaded and kept within the Snapchat app.

A larger community to connect other apps could help inform Snapchat’s recent update called Map Explore. Now, Snapchat users can opt to have automatically generated text status. According to a Snapchat spokesperson, the status could show a user taking a road trip, flying to a new destination, or using a particular geofilter.

[via Mashable]

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