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Snapchat is Now Introducing Context Cards, But What Are They?

Snapchat found another way to be creepy and stalk your friends, but this idea is actually kind of helpful.

Have you ever looked at a location that someone posted and wondered where it was? Well, Snapchat will now make it easy to find out by providing Context Cards. So what are Context Cards? When you swipe up on a story that says “More,” it will display a launchpad that shows you reviews, maps, and tips, among other helpful features. Thanks to Snapchat’s partnership with Tripadvisor, Foursquare, OpenTable, and other companies, users will be able to book a restaurant reservation or schedule a ride on Uber or Lyft thanks to Context Cards.

Not only are Context Cards convenient, but they also give you a more interactive experience with Snapchat, outside of sexting and stalking.

So ready for this update.

[via Elitedaily]

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