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Is Snapchat Trolling Google and Apple With Its Burger Filter?

There is a war brewing between Silicon Valley’s largest tech firms. It involves cheeseburgers.

Both Apple and Google have come under fire for their burger emojis, and now Snapchat may be joining the dog pile.

Both companies have been roundly criticized for their ingredient-layering choices. Apple’s emoji places the lettuce underneath the meat patty and the cheese on top, beneath a baffling top layer of tomato. Google tops the stack with lettuce, then tomato, then the meat and cheese.

These are both, apparently, revolting, and factually incorrect. According to helpful Twitter users, the correct order is, from top to bottom: lettuce, then cheese, then beef.

No word on where the tomato falls in this arrangement.

And now Snapchat has weighed in with a 3D dancing cheeseburger AR filter. Its coy smile and layer-exposing dance moves have been read by some as a shot across the bow at its larger tech rivals and their obvious burger ignorance.

BUT SNAPCHAT’S BURGER IS ALSO WRONG. The dancing sandwich contains two patties, and places the cheese between them.

Now, there are two-patty burgers out there. We’ve all seen them. But Snapchat’s dancing avatar doesn’t work as a corrective if it depicts an entirely different sandwich formulation, one with its own nuances and considerations which could affect ingredient ratio and placement.

Snapchat’s move is another example of the cutthroat nature of Silicon Valley and American capitalism. Or the animated filter has been in development for a while and is a coincidence. We may never know for sure.

[Via Mashable]

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