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Sneaker Head Bella Hadid Tells Us What It Takes For Homeboy to Get It

See if you can make it through this cringe worthy video featuring supermodel Bella Hadid. The feeling I got from this interview was how you feel when you hear someone from an older generation attempt to use modern day lingo.

The model is featured in Complex’s new segment, in which celebs pick out their favorite pair of sneakers. And appearently Bella has a bit of an obsession with sneakers, as she goes on about how they’re all she really wears, and even boasts of having a collection of over 200 pairs of Nikes in her closet.

First off, with the amount of times she says ‘dope’ in this interview, I’m surprised the DEA hasn’t taken some type of action. Like, I think that after the first 3 times, we got it, sneakers are dope. And the amount of times she used “homeboy” has ruined the phrase for me, like how the radio ruins every good song by playing it a hundred times a day.

When asked what type of shoes she doesn’t like, she responded:

“I’m cool with it and I don’t mind dirty sneakers but they better be fresh. If homeboy’s coming through with these it’s quiet for him, but if he comes through with these…homeboy’s going to like, get it.”

She went on to say:

“I love basketball sneakers and I think they’re some of the dopest shoes that Nike has but I’ve already picked these out… put these with a black dress… you’re going to kill it.”

Well, people had some really important questions to ask Hadid about what shoes she would find acceptable enough to let “homeboy” come through:

One person joked that the model sounded just “like an undercover cop.”

New Yorker writer Doreen St. Félix made his own comment on the video adding: “I can’t stop watching that Complex video. I need Bella Hadid as a GPS voice. Homeboy make a left or it is quiet.” — that would definitely be dope.

This video has definitely become one of the most meme worthy things I’ve seen all month. And of course, social media did not hesitate or show any mercy, and the hilarious memes are already rolling in.

With last years shoe memes being “Dammmmnnnnn, Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans!”, we can officially say that this years will be “if homeboy come through in these…he gonna like, get it.”

[via Cosmopolitan]

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