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‘SNL’ Dress Rehearsal Sketch Alert! Gal Gadot Teams Up with Kyle “Cut for Time” Mooney

CREDIT: Saturday Night Live via YouTube

SNL just posted a sketch that was cut after last episode’s dress rehearsal, so you know what that means: the return of Kyle “Cut for Time” Mooney!

In “The Last Fry,” Mooney and Beck Bennett pull off their patented style of ’90s evocation with cheesy rapping, fresh windbreakers, and plenty of fisheye lens. Plus, Bennett plays a fellow named “J-money,” which is a moniker I have also been called.

Anyway, the two of them are chowing down at a diner when Gal Gadot walks in and then the meaning of the sketch’s title suddenly becomes very clear. Meanwhile, geopolitics are going on in the background.

From one standpoint, it is hugely disappointing that this couldn’t make it onto a decidedly meh episode, but from another vantage, Mooney has staked his SNL reputation on being too cool for TV, so as long as folks watch “The Last Fry” however they can, it’s all good.

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