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‘SNL’s’ Tiffany Haddish/Taylor Swift Promo Has Us Looking Forward to T-Swift Rocking a Track From ‘Reputation’

CREDIT: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation has finally dropped, and now she’s heading to Saturday Night Live this weekend to perform her music for all of America. It seems that this week’s host, actress/comedian Tiffany Haddish, is also super pumped about having T-Swizzle on the show.

Tiffany couldn’t hold back her excitement or questions, asking Taylor, “Listen, are any of those new songs about me?” Taylor had to break the news to her that they weren’t. But then Tiffany asked, “Well, can we pretend they are?” “Absolutely,” responds Tay.

Even celebrities fangirl over each other, it seems.

Haddish is also making history by being the first African American female comedian to host Saturday Night Live. The comedian-turned-actress’s career just recently skyrocketed, landing her in major parts, such as NBC’s recently concluded sitcom The Carmichael Show, and in movies like Keanu and Girls Trip

If you don’t know Tiffany yet, then watch this clip of her on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to see just how awesome and funny she is.

Though SNL may be a first for Tiffany, this isn’t Taylor’s first rodeo. Her initial musical guest appearance was in January 2009, and she returned later that year as not only a musical guest but also the host. Embedded below is her monologue from that November ’09 episode:

There is still no word on what tracks Taylor will be performing (as per usual when it comes to SNL), but I’m sure Tiffany will be happy with whatever song she chooses to perform.

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