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Snow Way: Skiers and Snowboarders Glide Down the Streets of Paris

via Twitter

As if Paris wasn’t romantic enough, the city has been blanketed in a beautiful layer of snow. Unfortunately for tourists, the inclement weather caused the Eiffel Tower to close down. Local Parisians are loving the weather, though, and some of the city’s more adventurous citizens have decided to take advantage.

Skiers and snowboarders grabbed their gear and headed for Montmartre, a 430-foot hill in the northern section of the city. It looks like they’re having a blast bobbing and weaving down the hill! This green-panted skier seems to be enjoying it immensely:

And this snowboarder caught some serious air on the way down!

Some brave souls decided to forego the Montmartre hill and do a bit of urban exploring, such as this skier who went down an entire flight of stairs (with the Eiffel Tower looking majestic in the background:

That is a dream Instagram post if I’ve ever seen one. Others seemed to be using their skis as a way to get around town:

Probably on his way to get a pain au chocolat. I am feeling some serious FOMO from all of these badasses tearing through Paris! You didn’t have to be an extremist, either: plenty of regular skiers and snowboarders had a great time without jumping over park benches.

Well, I’ve just added a new, weirdly specific item to my bucket list!

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