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Social Media is Ruining You: Is Instagram Making you Depressed?

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When Instagram emerged, people enjoyed the idea of a social media website that depended on pictures rather than words. But since Instagram’s creation in 2010, the site has transformed into something else.

Instagram can make you feel depressed and worthless (depending on how much time you spend flipping through the “explore” page). What was once a page designed for photographers to share their art has become a place to create an artificial lifestyle.


As humans, we tend to compare ourselves to other people. And if you spend an adequate amount of time on Instagram, you know that money, looks, and material possessions attract the most attention or “likes”.

People on Instagram only showcase the best parts of their life: nice cars, 6-packs, and $400 dinners. Is this real life? Of course not. This is only a snapshot. However, if you are flooded constantly with unrealistic (or even fake images), you begin to associate this with reality. By comparing yourself to others pictures, you can develop false expectations of the real world.

If you don’t have a Benz, some Versace sunglasses, and Chanel purse to showoff are you even relevant to the world?


Social media is a common issue that couples fight about. Likes, subtweets, comments—all these things can get you in trouble with your significant other. They begin to think you have a relationship or romantic connection with other people based on your superficial contact. Monitoring your lover’s social media activity can become an obsession that can hurt your relationship.

Instagram can also cause unnecessary problems in friendships. Friends may take it personally when they don’t receive attention from you online. Remember when Myspace started the “top 5”? Endless drama.

Keeping up

Social media, in all forms, often starts to feel like a chore. To gain followers, you have to post quality content regularly. Everyday, you have to show people how glamorous you are and if you stop, you lose relevance and followers. This can cause some serious anxiety. Furthermore, if you don’t constantly check Instagram, you end up missing out on information about your friends, or celebrities. You can scroll and scroll and never be up-to-date with the overflow of content.

Essentially, Instagram isn’t a depiction of real life and it should be taken lightly.

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