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Solange Breaks Traditional Rules at her Wedding

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This weekend Solange Knowles married her longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson in New Orleans and I am so happy that pictures were released from the wedding. As soon as I saw the pictures of Solange’s wedding dress my mouth dropped open. Solange broke the rules when it comes to marriage and I am not surprised that she did. Solange has always had her own distinct sense of style and what she wore during her wedding and wedding ceremony truly captures her uniqueness.

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Solange wore a custom made gown that was created by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. The bride wore the high-neck, floor length gown with a matching cape and when you look at pictures of Solange wearing the gown she looks majestic. When you look at pictures of her standing in the middle with her wedding party surrounding her, she looks like a regal queen. While some people have said that it’s weird that she is standing so far from her husband in one of the pictures I really like the aesthetic of the picture. The way that I see it is that Alan Ferguson is presenting his queen to the world and I love it!

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For the ceremony, the bride wore a low-cut cream-colored jumpsuit by Stephane Rolland that also had a cape attached to it (are capes in this year?) in the back.  Guests were told to wear white for the wedding which is something that is unheard of. Usually you’re not supposed to wear white so that you don’t take the focus off of the bride but there is no denying that everyone’s attention was on Solange that night.


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