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Some Assholes are Trying to Get ‘Monopoly’ to Change Their Iconic Tokens



Monopoly went to shit when they changed the paper money for some electronic bullshit, but this is even worse.

Hasbro opened some sort of public voting nonsense for Monopoly where the PEOPLE get to pick the new lineup of player figurines.

Okay people, let’s all fucking relax and keep the tokens as they were.


The winning tokens will be on March 19, World Monopoly Day.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this has happened before. In 2013 “voters” replaced the original clothing iron with a cat figurine.

Like I said … bullshit.

There are 64 pieces to vote for including the cat, dog, thimble, shoe, wheelbarrow, race car, battleship, and top hat in the current version.

You can vote on

Make the right decision, people … at least this time around.

[via Mashable]

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