Some Evil Genius Created an App to Find Dates for Your Single Friends


When it comes to picking out a potential significant other, friends can either be the best or the worst things to happen to you. Sure, you value their opinion more than life itself, but, in the end,  you are your own person who’s capable of making their ow decisions god dammit.

So, what happens when you turn you friend’s opinions into a dating app? Welcome to Wingman+, because in 2017, there’s an app for everything.

What makes Wingman+ so unique is that this isn’t just your friend giving you advice on who to swipe right on. They’re in complete control, from creating their single friend’s profile to matching them with who they consider is the perfect date.

The creator of the app, Tina Wilson, told Mashable that she was inspired to create the app when she was single and all of her taken friends wanted her to try online dating. When she refused, they created profiles for her.

I think this app might actually  be the true test of friendship, rather than a dating service.

[Via Mashable]



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