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Sorority Recruitment Video Gets Major Backlash for Objectifying Women [VIDEO]

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A sorority at the University of Alabama has taken down a recruitment video that attracted criticism from an opinion writer named A.L. Bailey.  The Alabama chapter of Alpha Phi put a video on its Youtube account featuring scenes of the sorority members throwing glitter, giving each other piggyback rides, and frolicking around their house.

Bailey wrote a piece for trashing the video as “reductive and objectifying.” In the headline, Bailey says the video is “worse for women than Donald Trump.” Bailey said that the video is setting women back at a time when women are still forced to “work diligently to be taken seriously.” The writer uses as an example of this the fact that Donald Trump recently used misogynous slurs against Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly when she challenged him in a debate.

“Meanwhile, these young women, with all their flouncing and hair-flipping, are making it so terribly difficult for anyone to take them seriously, now or in the future…It’s the kind of thing that subconsciously educates young men on how to perceive, and subsequently treat, women in their lives,” Bailey writes.

The article drew many responses from all quarters, and the sorority deleted much of its web presence in the aftermath, closing its Facebook and Twitter accounts while its Instagram was made private.

[via Buzzfeed]

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