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South Korea Doesn’t Give a Fuck, Pornhub Traffic Rises Despite Ban

Never change, South Korea. The Winter Olympics began earlier this month, and well, the Pornhub visits across the country took off along with the games.

Pornhub released a number of graphics to display the statistics they’ve collected through the Olympic period. They are interested in noting people’s porn preferences, which have altered because of the games. Who saw the correlation coming?

For the record, pornography sites are technically against the law in Korea, but the porn giant does have its fair share of visitors in the Gangwon-do region. Besides that, there are plenty of visitors in the country who need their fix.The traffic across the country rose on Feb. 1 and slowed down on Feb. 9, which they believe happened due to the opening ceremony. They all came back, however, with results showing an 85-percent increase in traffic on Feb. 12.

The words “Olympic” and “Olympics” drew plenty of searches on the porn site’s search engine, with a 561-percent increase. “Korea” and “Korean” also went up 38-percent since Feb 9 and are still higher than usual. People getting creative with their porn searches says a lot about the visitors in Pyeongchang. But hey, to each their own.

[via Complex]
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