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South Korean Olympic Skater Becomes a Meme With His Sunglasses

There are already many memes circulating the Reddit pages from the Olympics. But the one that’s standing out from the crowd is one with a boy who is wearing two pairs of sunglasses. And not just any sunglasses, mind you.

It’s not even a matter of what he’s wearing: it’s how he displays them. So picture this: He’s a South Korean native with aviators on, and on top of them he has a pair of sunglasses with the five Olympic Rings. So far just trendy, right? But as the camera focuses on him, he very smoothly removes the Olympic sunglasses, and looks onward like the most interesting guy in the world.

He’s not just a stranger, he’s Olympic figure skater Alex Kang Chan Kam, the one who was seen dabbing in the opening ceremonies. Seems like he’s here more for the camera time than the sports.

In terms of best crowd moment, he took home the gold.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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