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SouthWest Airlines Lit Up Their Cabins Pink in Support of the Women’s March


If you’re living under a rock and don’t know what the women’s march is, read about it here. Basically thousands of women across the entire country will be in D.C. this Saturday for Women’s March on Washington. Women are marching to protest misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic comments made by Donald Trump.

Now, Southwest Airlines is showing their support.

According to Refinery29, Southwest Airlines has been turning their cabins bright pink in support of their passengers heading to the Women’s March.

A Southwest rep said,

“Some of our aircraft are equipped with mood lighting and while this was not a companywide initiative, at times, our flight crews will adjust the lighting for a customer or group of customers traveling on their flight. For instance, in October, one of our flight attendants changed the lighting to honor a breast-cancer survivor onboard their flight.”

Score one for Southwest.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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