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Spikes Said to Fight ‘Homeless Crisis’ in India Spark Protest and Outrage

“Anti-homeless” spikes are a sad architectural design that have been popping up here and there in urban areas. The point of these spikes is to prevent homeless individuals from sleeping in these areas. The method was widely protested in London after spikes were installed outside of a grouping of luxury apartments in the city. Now, the HDFC Bank’s Fort branch in Mumbai, India is facing similar criticism for their much larger, sharper anti-homeless spikes.

People had a lot to say on the matter, mostly concerning the lack of compassion these spikes represent.

Although another Twitter user argued that the bank is well within its rights to prevent strangers from sleeping outside of the establishment. Then they go on to say that if people are against letting homeless people sleep on the ground outside, they should let them into their personal homes, which definitely reveals some gaps in logic, but whatever.

Twitter user Simon Mundy pointed out that the spikes were not only a cruel response to the homelessness crisis, but could also prove dangerous for an unlucky or clumsy pedestrian.

This actually caught the attention of someone who appears to work for HDFC Bank, although this remains unproven at the moment.

Hopefully, the spikes are being reconsidered.

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