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Spotify is On Its Way to Certain Cadillac Models

Spotify and Cadillac have teamed up to install a new entertainment system that be stream music from the dash of their new and current vehicles.

The streaming service will be obtainable through the app store for Cadillac and will be accessible for the latest models from the car company. The XTS, CTS, ATS, CTS-V, and ATS-V are models that already have the app.

The app will have a browse option and showcase your personalized playlisst, instead of having the user search through an never-ending track list. The negative part about that it will decrease the user power when it comes to the playback option. This means that you can’t search for certain artists, songs, or albums. You will only have access to the keyboard when your car comes to a total stop.

Stotify declared that there will due “three to four software updates minimum” every year, so fingers crossed that one of the upgrades will be a voice-activation feature.

The company is in talks with Google and Amazon to tried and install their voice assistants into their vehicles.

[Via TechCrunch]

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