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Spotify is Testing a Feature to Improve Your Discover Weekly Playlist

Spotify is sneakily testing a new feature to make your Discover Weekly playlist that much cooler.

If you don’t see anything new just yet, don’t worry, it’s only being tested with a handful of users. However, one such user was Mashable UK Social Media Producer Jennie Gale, who noticed a tiny heart and a blocked sign on the bottom left corner when a song was playing.


Hovering over the circle will bring up options for “like” or “don’t like.”


Upon this revelation, Spotify indicated that they are testing a new feature for Discover Weekly playlists, although they did not provide a date on which it will be released for all users.

Discover Weekly has grown into one of Spotify’s most popular features, but users have been asking for a “like/dislike” feature in order to improve their recommendations algorithm for a while now.

With the tests underway, people who have been awarded the feature are loving it so far.

If this new piece of the Discover Weekly feature passes its testing phase and makes its way into all users’ Spotify accounts, it’s bound to take off. How could it not?

[via Mashable]

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