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“Stable Genius Act” Will Make Sure We Never Get A Dumbass President Again

The Stable Genius Act is exactly that: genius. Thanks to congressman Brendan Boyle, the bill will be introduced to the rest of Congress.

The representative from Pennsylvania did a hell of a job working on this acronym, which he shared on Twitter.

The goal of the act is to reinforce the importance of having the right person as our President. The act requires physical and mental health exams for all presidential candidates. This needed to be done YEARS ago.

The best part of the act: the results would be shared with the public. America will thrive through this kind of transparency. The act could help people vote with more confidence. Politicians hide so much but this act can make things clearer for those unsure.

People took to social media to share their opinions on Boyle’s proposition.

The act was presented at an interesting time. One can’t help but think about something like it being in place during the 2016 election. Who knows if Trump would be in office based on his test results. Now we wait and see how Congress will respond to the Democrat’s idea.

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