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Starbucks is Bringing Back Happy Hour, But There’s a Really Big, Pretty Shitty Catch

You know that Starbucks has a Frappuccino Happy Hour program, right? Every afternoon for a limited time, Starbucks’ happy hour cheap AF frapps. Since there were wayyyy too many people flocking in for the cheap drinks, baristas were overworked, so there were rumors that Starbucks was scrapping the program.

Thankfully, it’ll be back, but there’s a catch.

On Thursday, Starbucks announced the program will be back, and they’re extending Happy Hour beyond just Frappuccinos. Happy Hour will now include deals on other drinks like espresso and iced tea.

Here’s the catch: it will only be available to customers who get an invitation.

In order to get an invitation, you have to sign up through the Starbucks mobile app. Then, Starbucks will notify you, or email you directly, to let you know about upcoming Happy Hour deals or events.

The only upside is that Happy Hour is being extended through the rest of the year, so you have time to get the invite.

Happy Hour starts this Thursday, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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