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Stephen Colbert Takes a Page From Trump and Calls Out CNN for “Fake News”

CREDIT: CBS via YouTube

Stephen Colbert gave mad props to our estimable Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump in his monologue Thursday night. Okay, that is not true, although he did make un-sarcastic usage of Donald Trump’s favorite phrase: “fake news,” applying it furiously to CNN and its error in reporting.

Okay, again, he wasn’t furious exactly. But still, CNN accidentally referred to his show as Saturday Night Live the other night. When CNN covered Dana Carvey’s appearance as newest White House employee John Bolton, the tragic mix-up took place.Yep, CNN confused his program with the sketch comedy behemoth, and that shit just don’t play with Stephen.

“I agree with Donald Trump about something. CNN lies,” Colbert said, as the audience froze.
“Hear me out,” he continued “[CNN’s] headline read ‘Look who’s Playing John Bolton on SNL.'” The crowd laughed. “Fake news!” Colbert said in his best Donald voice.

Check it out below:

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