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Stephen Colbert Trolls Bill O’Reilly With His Own 1998 Novel About A Fired News Anchor Out For Revenge


Bill O’Reilly’s ousting from Fox News caused quite the stir, and also quite the entertainment news cycle, with numerous media members making fun of the now disgraced anchor. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert gave his ex-nemesis a eulogy earlier this week, which seemed a fitting end to their decade long battle of wits.

However, Colbert found some more embarrassing moments from O’Reilly’s past last night, and read an excerpt from the anchor’s 1998 novel Those Who Trespass on the air, which highlighted the firing on the main character Shannon Michaels, a network news anchor, and then his desire to murder those who did him in.

The entire segment is gold, and eerily on point, given the magnitude of O’Reilly’s sudden departure, and it’s definitely worth the 5 minutes to watch.

[Via Mashable]

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