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Steve Bannon Sidesteps Question About His ‘SNL’ Grim Reaper Portrayal

CREDIT: Will Heath/NBC

Generally, I do not think it is wise to entirely ignore public figures with dangerous ideas. So while some may have shuddered at the prospect of Charlie Rose interviewing Steve Bannon for 60 Minutes, I recognized the value in such a meeting. Still, I had no intention of watching what was sure to be uncomfortable.

But then I was alerted to the fact that Rose brought up the topic of SNL‘s portrayal of the former press secretary as the Grim Reaper. And as the resident SNL obsessive around here, it became more or less my duty to respond to his response.

Here’s what Bannon had to say:

“I don’t need the affirmation of the mainstream media. I don’t care what they say. They can call me an anti-Semite. They can call me racist. They call me nativist. You can call me anything you want. Okay? As long as we’re driving this agenda for the working men and women of this country, I am happy.”

This is essentially Bannon just reiterating his self-image and not actually saying anything at all about SNL. He comes off as particularly humorless, and humorless people give off so much destructive juju.

You can watch the interview (the SNL question comes up around 21:15) and one of the relevant SNL sketches below:

[via Mashable]

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