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Stop What You’re Doing: New Leaked Photos From ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Film are Right Here!

Star Wars fans, there’s good news!

Set pictures have just been leaked from filming of the much anticipated Han Solo film. In the photo,s Beckett, who is Woody Harrelson‘s character, is standing alongside Han Solo, who is being played by Alden Ehrenreich.

Also included in the photos is Chewbacca, while in separate photos you can see Harrelson speaking to a female character who is believed to be Emilia Clarke. In the photos the characters look like they are standing in a space station.

As exciting as these photos are these scenes may not even be in the movie. That is because they were taken while Phil Lord and Chris Miller were the directors of the film. After four months of filming they were removed because of “creative differences.” Now with Ron Howard in charge there is no knowing what will be cut and what will stay.

Not much is known about the upcoming film except for the fact that it is set to be released May 2018 and the plot is centering around a young Han Solo and Chewie. That means that the film will be set pre-Star Wars sometime before 1977.

[via TMZ]

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