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This Store Wants To Help You Take Control of Your Online Security, and You Don’t Even Have to Buy Anything

Most of us don’t pay attention to our security and privacy online. What we think we know about the subject gets far more in depth and care go way over our heads.

That’s where the Glass Room comes in.

Located in central London, the store is all-white, polished, minimalist pop-up shop that shares a resemblance to similar companies (cough Apple) but, they aren’t selling you products. Instead, they are focusing on your privacy.

Mozilla and Tactical Tech, those who made The Glass Room happen, call it “a tech store with a twist.” The purpose of the store? To make the intangible world of privacy, data, and digital life tangible. It lets you make informed decisions about your data and the interaction between big tech companies.

It can be a difficult concept to understand and that’s what this company’s purpose is to help individuals understand in a tangible way.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, the Chief Marketing Officer at Mozilla, said,

What happens when they go online and choose to interact with different kinds of businesses? Glass Room is a series of artists’ interventions to help you physically feel, touch, and see the way that your data works for different companies.

Many of the exhibits are interactive. Some include “Where The F**k was I?”, a book that lists the artists’ locations from June 2010 to April 2011. There is also “Smell Dating”, that matches people on their olfactory compatibility.

Facial recognition also features in “Megapixel.” All you have to do is walk up and the system will start scanning your face to match you against a database of photos. Talk about an invasion of privacy.

Kaykas-Wolff stated,

The database that Megapixel uses to train for its facial recognition is available through common licensing, off of Flickr. So what you and I may not know is when you choose to upload your information into a place that we like because it offers a good service, that data is made available to other other businesses that can choose to do whatever they want.

The Glass Room even pays tribute to some of the big tech companies around such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. You can see exhibits such as Google, with a piece showing Alphabet’s massive network of acquisitions; Facebook, with a model showing Mark Zuckerberg’s house and Microsoft, with a remote-control fertility chip developed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

At the end of your visit, you will be shown a Data Detox Kit, a program with 8 steps, to take control of your online data and understand what you are allowing to show online.

[via Mashable]

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