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‘Stranger Things’ Re-Cut as a Romantic Comedy is F’in Perfect

Netflix is having some fun with its paranormal hit show Stranger Things in this re-cut which turns the monster filled show into a romantic comedy.

I guess when you cut out all the demogorgons and weird shit that goes on, and add a new soundtrack, the show could pass for a romantic flick. And who are the lovers within this romantic comedy? Well in this re-cut trailer it features a love triangle between Nancy (Mikes sister), Johnathan (Will’s brother), and Steve Harrington (The high school hunk).

This re-cut is a nod to The Shining re- cut, another horror film in the humor lies in the fact that your are able to laugh at the clips even with the genre of the film being horror.

But you’ll soon be seeing what the fate of this love triangle is when Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix on Friday, October 27. Though there might be more scary moments than romantic ones, featuring the lovable demogorgons, and of course more weird and scary shit, as we’re thrown back into the Upside Down World.

[via Mashable]

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