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The Strangest Handbags We’ve Ever Seen


I recently saw a picture on Yahoo of a piñata handbag that left me scratching my head. It was vibrant and eye-catching: definitely a style statement. I decided to do a little research to see the creativity behind some of these wild accessories. I was not prepared for the handbags that I saw while looking through websites, and it makes me truly wonder if there is someone out there rocking one of these on the street every single day. In fact, I could actually see myself rocking some of these for a specific occasion or outfit. But could you really see yourself carrying one of these around?


Armadillo Handbag: I have to admit that this handbag is actually really cute. The armadillo is beyond adorable!
chickenpurseFeet Handbag: if you get rid of the chicken feet, it’s just another regular handbag. But if you set down this handbag on the floor of your office, anyone would think your handbag is about to run off.


Decapitated Head Purse: This purse will freak anyone out! Can you imagine walking along the street and you see a head just swinging back and forth? No, well I can. And if this happens on a day where I’ve had only a few hours of sleep and no coffee you can bet that I will freak out! Although while the purse does look a tad bit creepy, it does look realistic from afar.


Keyboard Bag: Very Geek Chic. I wouldn’t mind toting this bag around while shopping at Rite Aid or someplace like that. What makes this bag so interesting is the texture of it, so I would really love to get my hands on one!


Chicken Purse: Out of all the other bags this has got to be the funniest one of them all.

A lot of these handbags are really one of a kind, and personally, I wouldn’t wear them every day. That being said, I could still see myself wearing some of these just for fun. I mean, Lady Gaga dies it, who says I can’t wear the decapitated head purse to a blind date?



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