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A Study: Will More Sex Make You Happier in Your Relationship?

When you spot a young couple that can’t keep their hands off each other, you’ll either advert your eyes or wish you were as happy as them. While an active sex life can strengthen a relationship, it can also cause issues, depending on the specific situation. The more sex is not always the merrier, but it certainly can be. Here are a few pros and cons of banging like bunnies:

Con: Can’t Be the Only Thing

If you’re having sex every single time you see your partner, that’s something to brag about—unless that’s all you’re doing. If your partner swings by to touch your body, and then books it, he’s not much of a boyfriend. Relationships do require intimacy, but too much of anything can be unhealthy. You need moderation.

Pro: Creates a Strong Connection

Sex forms a bond that is unlike any other. Even though you’re essentially only moving your genitals around, the activity can create a connection that extends beyond your body. You may feel a spiritual closeness to the person you’re sleeping with or even experience feelings of love.

Con: Must be Enjoyable for Both

If only one of you is benefitting from your daily douse of dirtiness, something’s very wrong. Alternation is key. If you can’t find a way to satisfy both of you during intercourse, then one session should be dedicated to his pleasure, and the next to yours. Don’t keep a running tally of orgasms, but try to make things fair.

Pro: Fewer Fights

Sex reduces stress, which lowers the chances of getting upset over something small. Relationships run much more smoothly when partners aren’t constantly fighting over who should buy the milk next, or what channel to watch on TV. Sex should help you stay on good terms with each other, so when something goes wrong, you’ll help each other fix the issue instead of yelling at each other about it.

Con: Can’t Replace Other Intimacy

If both of you are always busy running around with the kids, but then finally have some privacy, sex is usually the first idea that comes to mind. However, even when you have limited time, you need to partake in other forms of intimacy. You can’t just skip date night to bang. Those nights out are as important to your relationship as intercourse is.

Pro: Just Plain Fun

If sex isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong. You should love the feel of your partner’s body, and get excited every time you kiss their lips. If you’re lacking enthusiasm, then you may be with the wrong person. Sex should be a form of relaxation, not a chore.

You and your partner have to determine how much sex is enough to fulfill your needs, but not too much that it disrupts other areas of your relationship. The ‘right’ number of times per month varies between couples, so don’t feel embarrassed when your friend claims she does it three times more than you do

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