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Subway Track Fire Leaves Riders Trapped in Subway During Morning Commute

G.N. Miller

Oh Mondays, what would we do without the shit you constantly give us? Probably be a lot happier…but then we wouldn’t have any thing to complain about! A track fire on Manhattan subway lines pretty much sums up the definition of #grrmondays.

A fire on the tracks of a Manhattan subway created delays on several lines early Monday, resulting in the trapping of D train commuters for approximately an hour, and minor injuries of 9 people.

The fire ignited around 7:25 am on the track near 145th St and St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem. Smoke traveled down the tunnel to 135th Street, explained FDNY officials.

By 9:15 am a team of firefighters extinguished the fire.

The southbound trains’s power was cut and riders were stuck aboard the train as a result of the smoke. The 9 victims of smoke inhalation were rushed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York- Presbyterian Hospital and Harlem Hospital, according to officials.

Twitter users took time to explain what was going on down there,

The fire caused many service delays in both directions on many trains:

A train service was also suspended between 125th St and Inwood 207th St.

B train service was suspended between Bedford Park Boulevard and Brighten Beach.

C train service between Euclid Avenue and 168th St.

D train service between 125th St and Norwood-205th St.

Once again Monday never fails to make your life hell.

[via New York Post]

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