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Supreme Court to Make Important Decision on Digital Privacy

On Monday, the Supreme Court will make a decision on cellphone tracking privacy. The highest court announced that it will rule on just how much privacy Americans are entitled to when it comes to tracking data, from location to movement.

The main decision will boil down to whether a search warrant would be required before authorities can get information from mobile companies. The data collection tracks cell phone towers and devices connected to its antennas.

According to Politico, Trump and his administration had advocated for justices no to hear to case, but after pushback from privacy advocates the court has decided to make a decision on the issue.

In the past lower courts have agreed that a warrant is not required for the data, because users share is voluntarily with the companies or third parties.

The issue arose after a man was convicted in a series of robberies based off cell phone site location. The FBI used a court order to get the data, but not a warrant citing probable cause.

The Supreme Court will likely see the case in the fall.

[Via CNN]

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