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Supreme x LV Line No Longer Cancelled, Fans Line Up For Friday’s Launch 2 Days Before

If you don’t wait overnight for the launch of a new product, are you even a fan?

Fans of Supreme x LV in Singapore have taken things to the next level; they started queuing up Wednesday night for the launch of the collaboration on Friday.

Queuing for #lv x #supreme Just a ballot…. lol @neopohhong @lobinns #louisvuitton

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Let me back up real fast; they weren’t lining up to get the merch, they were lining up to get a raffle ticket that would let them actually get into the launch on Friday.

Everyone in line was given a ballot number that was auto-generated on an iPad by the staff; if their number fell between 1 and 350 they would be allowed to claim a ticket to get into the launch.  Muhammad Syahir Mohamad Tahir had been in line since 6pm on Wednesday, and was actually the fist person in the line, but did not receive a ticket.  To say he was devastated would be an understatement.

早起的鸟儿有虫吃! #LVxSupreme #LVSingapore

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C U tomorrow big time Supreme × LV. Boom!!!👌👌👌

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He could still be able to get some of the new collection though; after all ticket holders have purchased what they want, non ticket holders will then be allowed to shop.


Some of the lucky customers posted their ballot papers on Carousell, a secondhand marketplace.  One of the posts offered to buy products for people online, but for a 50% mark-up.

The Supreme x LV collection was hyped up a ton in the U.S., until there was news that the collection “would no longer be sold in any stores or online.”

Pay attention to what I’m writing next because it changes the game for Americans.  GQ later reported that the collab isn’t being canceled; it’s not going to be out by July 14, as previously scheduled though.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand Supreme let me help you out a bit; it started off as a streetwear brand, but gained a lot of popularity when celebrities were seen wearing it.  Kanye West was one of the celebs that helped this brand out majorly.

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