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Surprise: Donald Trump is Complaining About the Post Office on Twitter

In a truly unprecedented turn of events, our septuagenarian president has taken to Twitter to air his grievances with the United States Postal Service, marking the first time since he oozed into the public consciousness that Donald Trump and I agree on something. But while you or I might complain about, say, the Post Office’s laissez-faire approach to parcel delivery (you didn’t “Attempt Delivery,” guys – I was home all day), Trump is Mad Online about something else entirely; namely, that the Post Office isn’t charging enough.

Given that he’s quite possibly never experienced a single moment of true happiness in his 71 years of existence, it’s not particularly surprising that Trump has found something new to complain about, but his angry tweet is nonetheless revealing.

First, if you read the tweet beginning to end, you realize that it barely qualifies as a complete thought, but that’s to be expected from a president who may or may not be losing his mind. What’s more interesting is that Trump – i.e., the man technically in charge of the Post Office – is apparently unaware that the agency’s full title is United States Postal Service, not “United States Post Office.”

It’s also worth noting that, rather than working with Congress to address his grievances through legislative means like, you know, a President would do, Trump’s preferred course of action is to complain on Twitter about the Post Office like some third-rate standup comic from the ’90s. And let’s not overlook the second-to-last sentence in which Trump appears to equate wealth with intelligence, par for the course for a man who claims to have plenty of the former and definitely lacks the latter.

Of course, this tweet isn’t really about the USPS’ shipping costs. There’s a reason Trump singled out Amazon: Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, also owns the Washington Post, another of Trump’s favored targets in his early-morning Twitter rants.

Unsurprisingly, following Trump’s tirade, shares of dipped in value, and America continues to inch ever-closer to full-blown authoritarianism. Happy Friday, everyone!

[via AP]

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