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Surprise, Surprise: Donald Trump is a Fake Philanthropist

donald trump

Donald Trump not satisfied with Hillary Clinton taking the spotlight in this horrible 2016 campaign comes out again with another scandal. It’s not “grab them by the pussy” big, but its still a shitty thing to do under regular people standards. The Washington Post reports that Trump crashed the opening of a nursery for children with AIDS, and didn’t donate a penny.

Donald Trump has a history of self-dealing especially using his “charity”, The Donald J. Trump Foundation, where he basically used it as a piggy bank for six foot paintings, donating to political opponents investigating him, and a gold Tim Tebow helmet. Now comes the surprise Trump showed up at an event, took a seat of honor and left without giving anything.

In 1996 Trump crashed the opening of a nursery in Manhattan by the Association to Benefit Children for children with AIDS. Major donors included Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford, now Trump surrogate Rudy Guiliani and former New York mayor David Dinkins. Donald Trump went into the event and took the seat reserved for Steven Fisher, a developer and major donor to the nursery.

Another major donor Abigail Disney told the Washington Post, “Nobody knew he was coming. There’s this kind of ruckus at the door, and I don’t know what was going on, and in comes Donald Trump. He just gets up on the podium and sits down.” Trump stayed there for a rendition of “This Little Light of Mine”, a photo-op that made him look like a major donor and even did the macarena with the children. Fisher was stuck in the audience and it took months for the charity to repair the relationship with the donor.

Just remember Donald Trump is in the business of appearing wealthy and very philanthropic. He has not donated to the Trump foundation since 2008 and still will not release his tax returns. And because he lost a billion dollars in the 90s, he hasn’t paid taxes in 20 years.

[Via The Washington Post]

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