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Surprise, Surprise, Whole Foods Jacked up their Prices Again

Long gone are the days when we could afford supposedly organic items at kind-of affordable prices.

In August, Amazon bought Whole Foods, because Amazon is scary powerful as shit. As a result, most items at Whole Foods had their prices lowered, most notable were the avocados.

But now, in just a month, food is getting expensive again. The Washington Post tracked the prices of 110 items, and they found that frozen foods have increased 7% in the month of September. Snacks have gone up 5.3%, and dairy items 2%.

Out of the 110 items, 77 have stayed at the same price, while 16 items increased in price and 17 decreased. It doesn’t seem so awful to see those numbers, but just knowing that prices have already started going up again is pretty questionable.

Amazon and Whole Foods have worked well together in the past month. Trader Joe’s, the superior market in my opinion, has lost some foot traffic, and Whole Foods has acquired about $1 million in sales.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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