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Surreal: A Salvador Dali Painting Rediscovered After 75 Years

via Dazed Digital

Salvador Dali has been credited with making surrealism popular with such works as the persistence of memory. Despite his death in 1989, he managed to surprise people and re-enter the news with the recent discovery of a lost painting.

It’s a simple piece, which shows a long pole protruding from a window from Dali’s home in Spain. After scrutinizing the painting, Dali scholar Nicolas Descharnes could not find any signs of forgery. “The forger wouldn’t leave the painting without anything on the ground, because the forger needs to make a painting that is attractive,” he said. The painting underwent signature analysis, infrared photography, and archival research to prove its’ authenticity.

Salvador Dalí
Heather James Fine Art New York

The painting is signed “Gala Salvador Dali,” which is Dali’s common homage to his wife, Gala.

The working theory is that the painting was done in 1932, based on the pigmentation of the piece. If you’re eager to see the painting which has garnered much from art circles worldwide, it is set to go on display in New York in the near future.

[via Dazed Digital]

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