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Sweet Deal: Hershey’s is Giving Away Free Chocolate When US Wins Gold

Aside from the Fourth of July, there are two times when the US exhibits enormous patriotism: Summer and Winter Olympics. For the next few weeks, the US will be cheering for it’s national team, hoping for gold in every event.

And now Hershey’s is encouraging us to root a little bit harder, and offering free chocolate every time the US wins gold.

The new candy is Hershey’s Gold Bar, which is totally appropriate to the situation. The bar is the first new flavor in over 20 years, and is made of caramelized creme candy with chunks of pretzels and peanuts.

But, there’s a catch. To win the chocolate, you must be one of the first 10,000 likes on Hershey’s Twitter or Facebook posts. You will then receive a coupon certifying one free bar. Of course, it’s one coupon per customer.

[via Thrillist]

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