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T.J Miller Is More Disgusting Then A Booger and Has Been Replaced as The Mucinex Man

CREDIT: Mucinex via YouTube

The Mucinex man might be made of boogers but even he’s less of a slimeball compared to T.J. Miller. It seems that Miller will no longer be voicing the Mucinex mascot, in light of the sexual assault allegations he faces.

The woman who accused Miller has chosen to remain anonymous. She told The Daily Beast that she was a victim of sexual assault and physical violence at the hands of Miller back when they were students at George Washington University.

If you were watching the Super Bowl you might’ve noticed that while watching Mucinex’s postgame ad, the green booger’s voice was a bit different. Well that’s because Miller was replaced with Jason Mantzoukas.

Miller has been the voice of Mr. Mucus since 2014, but a spokesperson for Reckitt Benckiser, which owns the Mucinex brand, confirmed that Mantzoukas will be the new voice for the snot ball going forward. “RB evaluates our strategy, creative and talent on a regular basis, and at this point we are excited to confirm that Mucinex is now partnering with Jason Mantzoukas as the new voice of Mr. Mucus,” the spokesperson said.

[via Indiewire]

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