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Taco Bell is Banishing Nacho Fries From Their Menu…For Now

If you love dem nacho fries from Taco Bell, this will be sad news for you. I hate to inform you that Taco Bell will be removing the option from their menus. Therefore, if that is your fave thang, then better hurry over to your nearest taco Bell and fill your trunk with fries and pump your entire back seat with nacho cheese. That’s the best solution that I can offer.

Although nacho fries are Taco Bell’s most successful item to date, they have announced that it will only be available in stores for the next seven or so days. The $1 snack is on its way out despite the fact that it was so unbelievably popular that Taco Bell had to extend its limited run just to meet the demand of their ravenously eager customers. In the two months since the fries’ launch, they’ve sold more than 53 million orders.

But Taco Bell doesn’t just give in to peer pressure. When they say “limited Item” they mean “limited item.” Taco Bell is pulling the classic teenage “you can’t tell me what to do!” move and removing nacho fries in the face of shock and horror from their customers. Although there is a silver lining: They may return. May. A representative for Taco Bell hinted that we could be stuffing them into our crunch wraps as soon as this Summer.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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