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Taking Over: Netflix Might Venture Into Weekly TV News

A TV executive who recently worked with Netflix on a documentary series has indicated that the streaming service has plans to create a weekly news show. This show would compete with longstanding productions of a similar format, such as CBS’s 60 Minutes.

The exec said, “Netflix have spotted a hole in the market for a current affairs TV show encompassing both sides of the political divide and are seeking to fill it.” It certainly seems like the service is moving closer to this style, as more and more talk shows have popped up on the streamer. Joel McHale currently hosts a weekly rundown show, and Norm MacDonald was just booked for a talker.

Now it appears that Netflix is looking for a serious, non-satirical take on the news. The source said that the company does not want to rush into this: “Netflix are proceeding with caution over this because they’re well aware that most new current affairs shows underwhelm and are expensive. They want to make their show economically viable without compromising the production costs and newsgathering operation.”

The industry seems split on whether or not this idea will come to fruition. Heywood Gould, a writer and director, believes it would be a viable market for Netflix, as it could bring a fresh take to the news. Jeff Wlodarczak, on the other hand, thinks this lacks the staying power of most of Netflix’s content, which capitalizes on people re-watching older shows.

Meanwhile, Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather offered his services. “Netflix has been so successful that almost nothing is too expensive for them. It wouldn’t surprise me if it came to that. But I say this to you with a smile — if they get interested in doing one, I’m available.”

Basically, it’s all speculation right now. I, for one, welcome our Netflix overlords.

[via MarketWatch]

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