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A Tattoo Artist Created a Bart Simpson Flipbook Using 19 Different People

Getting tattooed is typically a lifelong commitment, so some people take pride in having unique tattoos only they have on their body. Then, there are the people who don’t care and just want to get a tattoo.

What’s more impressive is tattoo artist Phil Berge, who convinced 19 different people to get a Bart Simpson kickflip tattoo on their bodies. He not only had to convince his participants that The Simpsons are cool enough to get tattooed on your body, but that this Bart Simpson kickflip animation tattoo would actually work.

Seeing as The Simpsons is longest running animated series ever, it did not take much convincing having one of the shows most popular characters being tattooed on fan’s bodies. Berge posted the flipbook on his Instagram back in February but the animation is still causing a splash.

Berge has inspired many to want a similar tattoo, seeing praise on his Instagram, and it led to thoughts about his future. Those who watch The Simpsons know they are famous for their introduction “couch gag” in which they always show something different every episode. As creativity for this concept has fallen off from tis glory years, some speculate a recreating of the Bart Simpson kickflip animation and making his own “couch gag” and submitting it to Fox Studios for examination.

Who will he convince for this idea? Who knows, but we do know that he can convince people to do some interesting things.

Bart doing a kickflip tattooed on 19 humans.

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